How to Winterize Your Water System

Winterize your Water System

Winter is around the corner and you need to winterize your water system to keep your water running during the below freezing weather. There are a few things you can do:

  • If you have exposed pipe under your house (mobile home or modular home) you need to wrap them with heat tape and insulation. Install according to instructions on packaging. You also need to make sure your skirting is good and tight to keep the wind out.

  • If your pressure tank is in an above ground well house it needs to be tight and the door needs to be closed to keep the cold air out. You will need some heat in the building to keep the temperature above freezing. A small ceramic heater or a heat lamp will work well. Wrapping your pipe with heat tape is also a good way to protect pipes from freezing, be sure to install it according to instruction on packaging.

  • A well pit is a very good way to keep your water system from freezing. Make sure your lid is on the pit. The ground temperature will keep it from freezing. Again, you need to prevent the wind and snow from blowing down in the pit.

  • If your pressure system is in your house in a utility closet you will need to keep doors and garage door closed to keep wind out to retain heat from the house. If it is in closet by itself a small heater may be needed.

If you have any questions feel free to give Currie Drilling Co. a call. We will be happy to visit with you about your system. Happy Holidays!

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