5 Reasons for Low Water Pressure

Why do I have low water pressure? Currie Drilling receives numerous calls regarding this water issue every week. There are several conditions that could cause low water pressure and we've provided 5 of the most common conditions below.

1. A Worn Pump

  • A worn pump could be the cause of low pressure. A water pump performs efficiently on an average of 10-15 years, but several factors can cause a pump to wear out prematurely.

  • Sand- If a pump is pumping a considerable amount of sand it will cause the impellers in the pump to lose their efficiency- thus causing low pressure.

  • Air- Air in the pipes or running the pump dry will cause the impellers to get hot and wear down—also causing low pressure.

2. A Water Logged Tank

If the pressure tank does not have the correct amount of air in it, the pump will turn off and on rapidly. This will make it seem as though the water pressure is low.

3. A Hole in the Drop Pipe

If the drop pipe has a hole in it, the water will leak down the well, not allowing it to pressurize the tank.

4. A Leak in the Plumbing

A leak in the plumbing outside the well can also cause low pressure. Look for a wet spot in the yard or surrounding area to identify this as the issue.

5. Dropping Water Level

The water level in the well could be dropping and not allowing the pump adequate water to pressurize the tank.

If you are experiencing low water pressure, call your water well guys at Currie Drilling. They are friendly, experienced, and efficient!

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